Ron Paul’s Two Sons – Rand Paul, Tea Party Drop Antiwar Stance

August 17, 2010

Alternative conservative rock-star Congressman Ron Paul is known for two things, his die-hard free-market fundamentalism and his staunch opposition to foreign entanglement and government abuse of individual rights.

He is one of few Republicans to enjoy support from anti-war elements of the electorate, and stands firm against torture and indefinite detention in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as part of the “War on Terror”, frequently describing these practices as illegal.

At the same time, his stance on economic policy takes the concept that the market knows best to an illogical extreme. If he had his way, he would shut down the Department of Education, which he sees as a socialist organization.

This would be a tough give and take for someone who wants to see progress in America and a stronger middle class but also wants the rule of law to be restored and the foreign invasions to end, but even if Ron Paul were, for example, President, he would have to make compromises on that agenda.

In a hypothetical situation, if Ron Paul had to choose between free-market capitalism and anti-fascism, which would he choose? Looking at his two children in the political arena, the Tea Party and Senate candidate from Kentucky Rand Paul, it appears that Ron Paul is more likely to associate himself with red-baiting fearmongers than with peace activists. There is a split in the Tea Party between people who believe in Ron Paul’s anti-war stance and Sarah Palin’s tough-talking, throw-the-rules-out-the-window position, but Rand Paul appears to be bridging that gap. On his website, he says that terrorists need to be tried in military tribunals at “Gitmo” and says that, “… the primary Constitutional function of the federal government is national defense,” a talking point Sarah Palin made during her address at the National Tea Party Convention.

With Rand Paul and the Tea Party, you get all the free-market fundamentalism with none of that bothersome anti-imperialism. I wonder if Ron Paul is proud.

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Afghan Surge, How to Protest, and Low-Risk Loans for New Small Businesses? Take Back Talking Points episode 7

February 10, 2010

This is a progressive roundtable talk show we’re calling Take Back Talking Points. This is a collaborative project, today’s show featuring the usual suspects, Capitalocracy, FeelFreeToArgue, and Funkalunatic.

This episode we’re trying something a little different that we hope to make a regular segment. About once a month, we plan to dedicate some time on the show to allowing one of the participants to present an idea for a public policy, social movement, etc., that they believe could really change things, and having a discussion on the merits of the idea.

In addition, this episode we talk about Obama’s Afghanistan troop surge and why he only seems to fulfill his promises which appease the right, and how to build a social movement and whether conventional forms of protest are effective.

And special thanks to moxnewsdotcom, who provided me with the Anderson Cooper clip:

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You can view the full episode in YouTube playlist format here, or view the rest of the videos after the jump.

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