Joe Stack IRS Suicide Attack and Political Fallout – Take Back Talking Points episode 11

February 25, 2010

Who was Joseph Stack, and more importantly, how will he be viewed by the people? Will he be viewed as a hero, a villain, a terrorist, a freedom fighter, a left-wing liberal progressive, or a right-wing conservative teabagger?

In this episode of our progressive talk show Take Back Talking Points, we earnestly analyze Joseph Stack’s suicide attack on the IRS building in Austin, Texas. Having had some run-ins with the tax system in the past, and seemingly having had domestic problems as well, he burned down the house he shared with his wife and daughter, and attacked the IRS office in his airplane.

With his political views more complex and nuanced than the left/right paradigm, this man does not fit in on one side or the other. The immediate reaction from both sides has been mixed, a combination of trying to underplay the importance of this incident, and trying to pin the opposition’s flag on this man’s corpse and his crime.

Will others follow Joe Stack’s example? How do people react when they feel the system is designed to push the elites higher up and pull the common man down?

View the entire episode in playlist format here, download the mp3 audio podcast version here, or view the rest of the embedded videos after the jump.

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Joe Stack and Self-Determination, & The Difference Between Obama’s Lies and Bush’s Lies

February 19, 2010

A word on the breaking news, Joseph Stack attacks an IRS office in an airplane, seemingly because he felt like he had no voice in a corrupt government which served the rich and not the people. People lash out when they have no hope or feeling of self-determination and control over their lives, and this is just a particularly explosive example.

The main story, Obama lies vs. Bush lies, and why Bush can lie and break the law and destroy the Constitution with no reaction from his party, his base, or conservatives in general, while Obama can’t afford to run that kind of show because progressives actually care about that stuff.
In other words, Bush got away with lying because he was lying “for us”, from the conservative perspective. When what we progressives want is a more accountable and transparent government which serves the people, Obama can’t claim to be on our side when he lies and makes backroom deals.