Honduran Government Texting Death Threats – Criminalization of Dissent More Rampant Than Reported – Interview

May 2, 2010

Take Back Talking Points Episode 13. Today we speak with an anonymous Honduran about the situation there, whether democracy has been restored or whether the new government is simply a whitewashed continuation of the military dictatorship. Death threats from the government seem to be commonplace, and may be more common than we think based on the evidence here.

The situation in Honduras has not been normalized after the coup, and murders and human rights violations appear to be continuing. In this episode of Take Back Talking Points, I discuss the issue with a Honduran who wishes to remain anonymous because she believes revealing her identity may lead to government retribution.  She makes the case that government intimidation of anti-coup dissidents is more commonplace than we’ve been hearing about in the media, and are affecting more than just a few left-wing  journalists and activists. If action is not taken, we could see another clandestine dirty war, but with new technology. The Honduran government has been sending text messages threatening to disappear people and their families and children.

View the full episode in YouTube playlist format here, or view the rest of the video segments and the full transcript after the jump.

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