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  1. Thanks Alex, for joining us on the chat this past Saturday. Enjoy your videos and blog, hope to see you again on Sunday. Here are some of my ideas. Hope to hear from you and others who frequent your site. Cheers, RR.

    Bullet points
    Some bullet points for the meetup this coming Sunday March 14th.
    Please comment on them and tell me your thoughts as well, and join us on the 14th.

    One thing we discussed was what to call our movement/group. I came up with a couple of ideas, but I don’t know if they work. Thoughts?

    -ICU (Informed Citizens Unite) Also a take on the face that this country is in emergency mode, something has to be done fast, and efficiently…
    -FWD (Forward We Demand) Doesn’t really sound right, looking for another “D” word since I like the idea of moving forward not left or right as a bit of a slogan of sorts.

    As far as the group is concerned,
    -visibility, both on the ground and online.
    -informing people in both those arenas.
    -video blogs of our meetings and actions. give people insight to who we are and what we do. i think that’s very important.

    As far as key issues I feel we need to pursue:
    -corpotocracy. this is an umbrella issue b/c as we discussed on the 6th if you were there, so many things touch on this one subject. it is responsible for much if not all of the problems we have today.
    i. the bailouts: i choose this b/c it’s a very rare unveiling of the clear cut
    symbiosis of government and the corporate world
    ii. the failing economy: this has a lot to do with the bailouts but i choose this
    as a key argumentative issue b/c so many people on both sides and inbetween
    can agree that this is a big problem. our information that we offer on a
    centralized hub website can offer answers and further bring people to fight
    for themselves and their families.

    Again, please comment and bring ideas. I will be posting this on a few different forums, hope to hear from all of you soon, and see you on the 14th @ 5pm PST.

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