Alex Wickersham, Capitalocracy on YouTube is an uneducated, unemployed, amateur political analyst and pundit with absolutely no skills or credentials who has no business doing what he’s doing. He is from a mid-size hippie town called Lawrence, KS, but is currently in exile in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Zach Elliott, FeelFreeToArgue on YouTube tries to find the humor in things which are essentially unfunny. He ascribes to the Stoic philosophy, but he sucks at it. He wants to start discussions, not finish them (despite the way he sounds.)

Brendon aka Funkalunatic on YouTube is a tall, handsome, single white male in his late twenties currently living in Juneau, AK and originally hailing from the Midwest.  He enjoys playing musical instruments, is a vegetarian, and works a modest-paying desk job for the state government.  He is also completely insane.


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